The hotel sector presents the largest channel growth from a paid-for tea perspective, up 10.2% year on year.

What’s more, with each guest spending on average £339 on food and drink throughout their stay, hoteliers must create well-suited menus to boost their revenue. Hotel guests are willing to spend more on a cup of tea, higher than any channel at £2.33 per cup on average and like to enjoy a complete experience in tea service, as well as functional in-room solutions.

For hoteliers, breakfast is often the most important time of the day for tea and the last meal most guests will enjoy. Download the Tetley Breakfast Guide for delicious recipe inspiration, as well as hotel sector insight from the Tea Report 2018.

Breakfast Guide

Tetley is excited to announce the launch of the Tetley Breakfast Guide, offering inspiration to operators across channels including, hotels, the workplace, pubs, cafés and universities.

Accommodation Guide

Tetley is excited to announce the launch of the Tetley Accommodation Guide packed full of tips devised to perfect tea serve and showcasing range, display and marketing solutions for the hotel sector.

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